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antiquity, and are, primd fade, referable to^fVnskrit and Hindi splier than to any
other language.'* Mr. Growse Yery clearly pr^sjthjs j^nd^hepican be no doubt
that Ms view ia perfectly correct. One thing imp^^^^J&^erj clearly upon the
salnd in reading this chapter—that no one is competent to pronounce an opinion
on the subject unless he possesses aa intimate and minute knowledge of the history
of the locality, added to a thorough acquaintance with the phonetic laws that regulate
the development of the modern Indian languages from the Prakrit and Sanskrit
Mr. Growse is one of the few that possess both these qualifications.

It would be impossible within the space of a short review to do justice to the
great mass of information distributed in the various chapters, The Memoir is a large
quarto volume of upwards of 500 pages* and its external "get up" is creditable to
fhe Government Press of Allahabad, where it has been printed. Altogether the

work is a model of what a district memoir ought to be, and Mr. Growse is to fo@

congratalated on the success which he has achieved.—Calcutta Eeview.

Mr. Growae modestly informs ns, in the preface to the first edition, that this ii
on© of the uniform series of local histories compiled by the order of the Government
It would, however, be a very fortunate Government that could obtain a series of

district memoirs ail prepared with the same accuracy and fulness of detail and in the
lame scientific spirit as this one. Mr, Growse has brought to his task an amount of
general and special scholarship and of enthusiasm which few district officers possess,

and he has produced a work which, take it altogether, stands without rival
local Indian histories.—Calcutta

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